Friday, June 8, 2012

Kim Kardashian Pitches New Business Idea in 'Drop Dead Diva' Clip (VIDEO) - Celebuzz

Kim Kardashian in 'Drop Dead Diva'

Kim Kardashian’s three-episode arc on Drop Dead Diva continues this Sunday â€" and it looks like she’s going to keep shaking things up on the hit Lifetime series.

In this new clip from the show, fans get a closer look at Kim’s character, Nikki, a juice-bar hostess-turned-relationship expert who goes into the “pake” business (pies and cakes) with Stacy (April Bowlby). Nikki and Stacy pitch the idea to Jane (Brooke Elliott), which doesn’t exactly go as planned.

In a recent interview with Celebuzz, Elliott gushed about Kardashian’s stay on the show, revealing, “She’s very kind and nice. It was fun.”

“She was ready to work and knew her lines,” she added.

In addition to her acting duties and Kardashian TV projects, Kardashian and her sisters, Kourtney and Khloe, just launched yet another new business venture: a makeup line.

The E! stars will be releasing a special holiday assortment in Ulta stores this December, which will feature eyelashes, mascaras and Kardazzle Compacts.

A larger array of products will launch in early 2013.

Drop Dead Diva airs Sunday nights at 9/8C on Lifetime.

Source: Lifetime

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