Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kim Kardashian Longs For Her Privacy -

Kim Kardashian may not have a decent grip on what irony is, after she bemoaned the lows of life in the spotlight as it takes away your privacy. The richness comes quick and thick, as she is essentially a woman who has made her fame and fortune by inviting a series of producers into her life to film her every move - and then Tweets about it.

The black-and-white image adorning the cover of Italian Vogue is a familiar scene, featuring the reality star surrounded by a sea of photographers. In this issue she talks of her life in front of the camera and how she often longs for some sort of normality among it all. She also, briefly, brings up her relationship with long-time friend and now boyfriend Kanye West, although she hardly spills too many beans.

She also discussed the role her mother played in making her who she is today and the affluence that has surrounded her throughout her life. Like with her love life, Kardashian remained candid about further aspects of her life as she showed that if the cameras she has placed in front of her on a regular basis don't show something, then she is likely to keep it hidden and to herself.

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