Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kardashian Man Troubles: Scott's a Heel; Kanye a Porno -

kim kourtney kardashian front Kardashian Man Troubles: Scotts a Heel; Kanye a Porno

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Kim Kardashian and sister Kourtney Kardashian are in full drama mode over their men. It turns out that Kim BFF Kanye West is really into porn, while baby daddy Scott Disick can’t give up the party.

Both plot lines will likely play out on the Kardashian’s reality show, so the drama, as always, has to be taken with a grain of salt.

Now that Kim doesn’t have Kris Humphries to kick around anymore, she needs to come up with something to fuel the melodrama on her show. But who’d a thought Kanye would be a porn addict? Why a new magazine focused on reality television, of course.

“Kanye has met with a major pornography company,” a source tells Reality Weekly. “He wants to start producing X-rated versions of his music videos.”

“When Kim found out about Kanye’s plan, she had a total meltdown,” the insider claims. “She’s already experienced so much backlash from the public over Kris, the last thing she wants to go through is another big scandal.”

So much for Kanye’s fidelity. The rapper has long been a hoser and women are constantly throwing themselves at him. He’s not about to give that up even for Kim. So, hey, let’s just call it porn and film it.

It seems the last thing Kim would want is a story line where her boyfriend becomes a porn star, especially given her own sex tape past.

As for Scott, he’s always been portrayed as bit of a lout, so his misbehavior doesn’t come as a big surprise. But walking out on Kourtney when she’s eight months pregnant? That’s a new low, especially since he swore he would cut back on drinking and try to be a better baby daddy to two-year-old Mason.

Then, again, Kourtney may be driving him away. She’s feeling really insecure now that she’s blown up like a balloonn, according to InTouch magazine. “I once found Scott to be charming, but while I’m pregnant, I don’t at all,” she reportedly said.

But, hey, anything for ratings.

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