Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Photo Tweet a Prank (VIDEO) - Christian Post

By Brittney R. Villalva , Christian Post Reporter

June 14, 2012|10:50 am

A report earlier this week rumored that rapper Kanye West may have gone too far by leaking a naked photo of Kim Kardashian on his Twitter account. West then reportedly removed the photo only seconds later, but not before it was picked up by certain media cites. West's reps, however, have stated that West denies ever even posting the picture in the first place.

"Kanye doesn't even know this person, has never seen this picture, and hasn't been on his Twitter account for a day," West's representatives told TMZ.

The woman who appeared in the picture was also not Kim Kardashian but rather a porn star named Amia Miley. Miley also later confirmed on Twitter that the photo was of herself. She claimed that she had never had a relationship with West, and the photo leaked was one that she had posted to her Twitter account last year.

The reason behind the false alarm was apparently due to "WanksterWednesday" according to TMZ, which explained that the day was marked for pranks that attempt to start bogus rumors. Mission accomplished, job well done.

West instead, has very different plans in mind for her budding relationship with Kim Kardashian. Kanye West is certain that Kim Kardashian is the girl from him, according to a new report, which states that the rapper is eager to marry the reality star and begin a family.

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"He waited for Kim," a friend of the rapper told Us Weekly, attesting to the fact that West has been on standby through many of Kardashian's failed relationships. "He knows they're meant to be."

In addition, it would appear that West is also eager to start a family.

"Kanye says he can't wait to see her carrying his child," a source told Us Weekly. "He says she will look beautiful pregnant."

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