Friday, June 8, 2012

[Gossip] Kris Humphries' Kim Kardashian Ringer Is Just a Booty Call -

[Gossip] Kris Humphries' Kim Kardashian Ringer Is Just a Booty Call
Posted by AJ Grey on 06.08.2012

She's not his girlfriend…

Kris Humphries is said to be pissed off that his Kim Kardashian look-a-like hookup is telling the media that she's his girlfriend. Radar Online reports that Kris's attorney has told Myla Sinanaj to stop making those claims.

Humphries was seen earlier this week in Miami with Myla, but it is not said to be serious. "Myla and Kris are absolutely not in a relationship," said a source. "Have they hooked up? Absolutely, and she was pressuring Kris for a commitment, but he has been very honest with her that there was no way that was going to happen... Kris is very much enjoying being single and any girl that claims she is dating him exclusively is lying."

Kris reportedly has no plans to date anyone until his divorce from Kim is finished. The source says, "Kris' attorney called and left messages for Myla on Thursday afternoon. Lee conveyed that he needs to speak to her immediately about the claims she is making regarding Kris' relationship with her. There are text messages between Kris and Myla which clearly prove that she is lying about being his girlfriend. Kris' lawyer has also drafted a cease and desist letter that he will be sending to Myla which will also order her to stop making these claims. The timing of Myla making these claims is wreaking havoc on his upcoming divorce proceedings, because he will most certainly be asked about dating her during his upcoming deposition."

The source added that Myla is "very upset with Kris for not wanting an exclusive relationship. However, Kris was honest with her from the beginning and it's very likely that he won't be seeing her anymore now. There are always going to be girls that are looking for their 15 minutes of fame and say they are dating Kris. It just comes along with the territory."

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