Monday, May 14, 2012

Kim Kardashian's IMDB Bio Has Either Been Changed Or Is Unusually Vicious - Cinema Blend

published: 2012-05-14 18:23:59

There are few celebrities that polarize Americans more than Kim Kardashian. In certain circles, her name is practically synonymous with all some perceive as wrong about television. As such, it’s not surprising to hear negative things said about the reality star on the Internet; however, it is strange to see them featured on Kardashian’s IMDB page.

In general, the short biographies written about each celebrity are fact-based and glowingly positive, but as of press time, Kardashian’s features a slew of negative quotes and more information than necessary about her lack of talent. Here’s an excerpt…

Kim Kardashian is emblematic of the shallowness of American culture in the first two decades of the new millennium. While some cultural critics call her the prime avatar of the "famous for being famous" faux celebrity crowd, she along with Paris Hilton is a new breed of cat whose celebrity comes from the release of a sex tape and the canny exploitation of the resulting publicity.

I would be shocked if this wasn’t changed back to something pleasant within the next few hours, but I still think it’s worth noting as evidence of just how much some people hate Kim Kardashian. Most celebrities have their fans, a few haters and an overwhelming majority of people who have no opinion. Kardashian seems to have a lot of fans, a lot of detractors and a smattering of people without an opinion.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to leaf through dozens of IMDB pages to find out if any more are this persistently negative.


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