Monday, May 14, 2012

Kim Kardashian Sports Short Hair with Kanye West: Looks Like Kris Jenner? - Gather Celebs News Channel

Kim Kardashian and her guy-of-the-moment Kanye West are certainly generating buzz with their romance that seems to be heating up exponentially, even as Kardashian's divorce drama from Kris Humphries is still simmering away. But as if to illustrate her newfound love with West, the reality TV show diva sizzled during a recent photo shoot (with her rapper boy lending support from the sidelines), where she took the short and sexy thing to another levelâ€"literally.

She's been known to rock the platinum blonde lookâ€"via both long and flirty short wigs with fringed bangs. She's also done the fiery redhead thing. But, for her shoot for Vogue Italia magazine on Sunday, May 13, Kim Kardashian worked her same brunette color, but in a piece-y, cropped 'do that was remarkably similar to the hairstyle favored by her mom, Kris Jenner. In fact, as Daily Mail points out, Kardashian was a near spitting image of Jenner when she put massive sunglasses on, although her ensemble was more Kardashian's speed with hot pants, fish nets and knee-high boots.

Well, it was Mother's Day... might as well pay tribute to her mom-ager!

As he observed the shoot in Chinatown, Los Angeles, Kanye West may have been thinking how much he prefers Kardashian's signature long hairâ€"and her not looking like her momâ€"but there's no doubt he approved of his girl's revealing ensembles.

File:Kim Kardashian 2010.jpgHer curves were on full display in extravagant, avant-garde and quite powerful, almost warrior-like garmentsâ€"from a cleavage-baring, extravagant ruffled dress paired with a patent and silver cape-like affair (it looked almost like high-fashion chain mail!) to skin-tight leather and, of course, those short shorts.

While it's unclear if Vogue Italia was intentionally working the doppelgänger idea with Kim Kardashian looking like Kris Jenner, it was quite obvious that seductive and "haute" were key themes. As Daily Mail confirms, an inspiration board for the shoot showed black-and-white images of androgynous models along with paparazzi shots. Well, Kardashian definitely has the paparazzi thing down, as she's constantly the target of their camera flashes. As for the androgynous idea, well, it may explain that short wig. But K.K. has way too many curves to fully embody that look!

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