Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kim Kardashian Bashed By Rogue IMDb Writer In Biography On Film Site - (blog)

Sometimes some people are just pushed one step too far and that seems to have been the case for (former?) IMDb writer Jon C. Hopwood, who was tasked with writing/updating the site's biography of Kim Kardashian and simply wasn't having it.

Hopwood decided that the opportunity was perfect to pen what is really more of an op-ed than a bio, digging his claws into Kardashian and her place in American culture. There's really not a ton more to say; he's certainly not the first writer to tear into Kim K. and the reality TV/celebrity culture she has become the ultimate example of, he's just the first to go rouge and do it on the Internet's most trusted (and typically objective) source on all things film.

IMDb has already pulled the biography down, though in the age of screengrabs, if someone gets to something quick enough it lives forever. In this case, Uproxx managed to snag the bio before the folks at IMDb pulled it.

Read it in full below:

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