Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Justin Bieber gives an 18-year-old's take on beer, Kim Kardashian - Los Angeles Times

When you're Justin Bieber, milestones like an 18th birthday come with a bit more fanfare. And, apparently, with a few revelations.

Though the momentous occasion came March 1, the June issue of GQ celebrated Bieber's eligibility to vote with a stylish spread and as many adult confessions as they could pry out of him over a game of pool and a recording session. Among them, his attitude toward adult beverages.

"For me, it's just like, I like to be in control of myself. I mean, I've had a beer, like, before ... but I never get out of control," he confessed.

You're going to have to do better than copping to the occasional underage beer, Biebs. How about, say, admitting a lingering celebrity crush that doesn't infringe on the holy territory of his relationship with girlfriend Selena Gomez? One on, oh, Kim Kardashian?

"People say she doesn't do anything; she actually does do stuff ... she works hard," Bieber barked during the interview, chastising friends who were poking fun at the reality star. That's definitely some adult male behavior, sticking up for the defenseless.

But back to him and Gomez: Is that teeny-bopper romance, like the singer himself, blossoming into something more mature?

"Like every other teenager in the universe, Bieber evades questions by staring directly at the floor," the magazine observed.

In love, as in beer consumption, Bieber clearly likes his control.


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